Gluten Free Products Review: Tesco Online Delivery

Gluten Free Products Review: Tesco Online Delivery

Chow Mein Noodle Pot and Garlic Dough Balls

These two products belonging to Tesco’s own Free From range are amazing because they always sell things that would normally be full of gluten, egg or milk.

The chow mein flavoured rice noodles are great for lunches at work or a quick, easy gluten free snack.

The garlic dough balls are my favourite item by far on this post because:

1) I love garlic

2) They were soft, crunchy on the outside and nowhere near dry

3) I love dough balls. 

Schar Waffles and Custard Creams

I am excited to try these Schar products due to always having savoury things such as their ciabatta rolls and pizza bases. Will be nice to try something sweet by them for a change. Multiple gluten free Instagram’s have posted the waffles, so they must be nice.

Going to have them next week at some point as a ‘yay it’s half-term’ treat with melted chocolate and strawberries. As for the custard creams, well, they literally used to be my favourite biscuits growing up, so will be nostalgic to try them!

Goodfella’s Pizza and Nairn’s Wholegrain Crackers¬†

I also ordered a Goodfella’s pepperoni, mushroom and ham pizza which I’ve eaten multiple times and it really is tasty!

The cracked black pepper Nairn’s are really yummy with cheese or Lurpak garlic butter on (a possibly strange, unhealthy but delicious obsession)!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you check any of these products out and what you think for yourselves.

Hannah x


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  1. esther hawkins
    October 20, 2017 / 2:54 pm

    So pleased that many big stores are having more gluten free items to purchase. It will be better when they reduce the prices so that people with gluten free problems can purchase more. ________________________________

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