Favourite Gluten Free Restaurants #1

Favourite Gluten Free Restaurants #1

Bar 191 – Raynes Park, London

This is one of my local favourites. It’s a tapas restaurant offering such a wide, delicious selection of dishes. I was highly impressed when I first went for a meal with my boyfriend’s family and asked about gluten free options. The manager handed me a menu, which looked identical to everyone else’s, but everything was labelled with a ‘gf’ next to it for the suitable dishes. To my surprise, only a few dishes WEREN’T gluten free! Some of my favourites include: charcuterie board with a selection of spanish cured meats, chicken paella (allow 35-45 mins for cooking but it’s really worth it), chorizo with peppers and onion, garlic mushrooms and oven baked aubergine with cheese & tomato sauce. Definitely worth a visit if you’re around the Wimbledon area!


Leggero – Old Compton Street, Soho, London

I have been wanting to try Leggero for quite a while now and finally had the opportunity to eat here a couple of weeks ago. I was extremely pleased and just love eating at 100% gluten free places because of feeling safe and not having to worry about cross-contamination at all. Although there are many establishments that do still make me feel safe that aren’t this way. My boyfriend and I started off our meal by sharing two starters, the mushroom arancini and a homemade focaccia with mozzarella and Parma ham. Both were scrumptious! I hadn’t even heard of arancini before, let alone tried it, however with great timing, I saw someone on the table next to me get it just before we ordered and was intrigued. The focaccia was was amazing and you could tell it was homemade (in a good way!). For my main course, I chose the handmade Sorghum and hemp basil tagliatelle served with almond flakes, pesto and tomatoes. This was healthy but also tasty. The handmade pasta was the highlight as it was fresh and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was gluten free. Additionally, they offered a range of gluten free beers, including my favourite Estrella Daura Damm.


Liming Mexican – Worthing, West Sussex

Another one of my favourite restaurants is Liming, which happens to be near my nan’s house by the sea! We’ve now made it an accidental tradition to have a meal here whenever I’m visiting because it’s just too good. I can be rather boring when I go though, having the same thing each time – sizzling steak fajitas – but it’s because they are super tasty. Full of tender, juicy strips of steak and peppers/onions, along with all of the side condiments such as guacamole, salsa and sour cream. My nan loves it too, she also gives me her cheese so I have two pots instead of one hehe. The gluten free wraps are like others around, however, they don’t break up like some other supermarket/restaurant ones I’ve tried. To make it different this time, we decided to try the BBQ chicken wings which were full of flavour. I was disappointed at first when I asked the waiter as he explained that they aren’t usually safe for coeliacs, but they have recently got a new seperate fryer for gluten free food, enabling me to have them! They also serve a wide range of cocktails, including my favourite strawberry daiquiri.


Wahaca – Wimbledon, London (several chains in the UK)

Lastly this month amongst my favourites is Wahaca. This has been one of my solid favourite restaurant chains before and after being diagonsed as Coeliac. They have always make me feel safe whilst eating there due to the fact on their menu there are 100% gluten free dishes, and those for milder intolerances. Displayed on the menu is the precautions they undertake whilst preparing the gluten free food to ensure no cross-contamination. This time, I went with my boyfriend’s sister as she had won a ¬£20 voucher to use up by the end of November and decided to bring me along with her ūüôā To start with, we shared tortilla chips (similar to rice cake texture and were delicious/different) with guacamole which is¬† freshly made every day¬†with Hass¬†avocados, lime and coriander.

After, I had the chicken enchiladas ooooozing with melted cheese. A decent portion and served with a side salad. We ended up having a three course meal, which wasn’t the plan, and finished our lovely meal with salted caramel gelato. This was refreshing but indulgent at the same time and had shards of chocolate mixed in with each scoop. If you haven’t been to Wahaca before, for gluten free food or in general, GO!

Hope you try out my November favourites or enjoyed reading.

What are your November favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

Hannah x


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  1. esther hawkins
    December 3, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    These are some of my favourite restaurants, I wish more people would offer more gluten free menus as some people can’t eat gluten because of medical problems and not the latest fads!!!!!

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