Favourite Gluten Free Products #2

Favourite Gluten Free Products #2

Hey guys! This month, there’s so much to share I’m treating you all to two ‘favourites posts’ – my favourite products today and restaurants tomorrow. Also, because I’ve just been a fat piggy during the festive period – enjoy and let me know what you think!

Mini Chicken & Garlic Kievs – M&S

Seeing as it’s December, I thought it would be relevant to start with two delicious Christmas party bites from the one and only Marks and Spencer! They literally were the ‘cream of the crop’. I was fortunate enough to have them on two different occasions this year, as well as trying them last year at my family’s annual Christmas Eve buffet and just knew that these would be a firm favourite for everyone (mainly me, I think I ate most of them). They have a great ratio of filling and breadcrumbs which for me is an important factor for the iconic kiev!

BBQ Pork Belly Squares – M&S

Mmmmm, full of flavour and melt in your mouth. They come with cute cocktail sticks that can be used to serve them in a buffet style (see photo below). The only negative thing I would say about these tasty bites is that they’re a bit fatty, however, that is a characteristic of pork belly so it’s okay!


Sea Salt Wafer Thins – Rococo Chocolates

These are just fab (so good, they’re all gone already!). They were a Christmas present from my boyfriend and they really do tickle my tastebuds! They are handmade from luxury organic chocolate and the London shop has existed since 1983. Matt picked them up from our local branch of Bayley & Sage but you can find them elsewhere, or order them online.



Tomato & Basil Hummus Chips – Eat Real

These are a perfect, healthier alternative to crisps (with 48% less fat than ‘regular chips’). They’re gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans too!

Chicken & Bacon Roll – Tesco

My boyfriend (yes, he’s the best and finds me lots of new snacks hehe) found this simple and handy gluten free roll in a Tesco near Bank, London. The roll itself is wholemeal, seeded and soft. I expected it to be really dry as the filling didn’t look very substantial but it was perfect for new and quick lunch at work. Main supermarket chains are SLOWLY following M&S with their gluten free sandwich/wrap ranges but still, in my opinion, have a long way to go.

Sourdough Loaf – M&S

He also found this loaf as part of the M&S Made Without Wheat range. I’ve already expressed how much I enjoyed this new bread on my Instagram, but OMG. It’s really soft and different to any other gluten free bread I’ve tried before. I usually tend to just stick to Genius and stick it in the freezer due to not eating that much bread, but now, I will definitely have this as a fresh treat on occasion.


Strawberry Fruit Wriggles – Kiddylicious 

1 of your 5 a day, gluten free, no artificial additives and packed with real fruit. What more could you want from a healthy snack? Found these in Costa Coffee in Wimbledon Chase, London. But I’m pretty sure they would be in numerous branches across the UK.

Mango, Papaya and Passionfruit Yoghurt – Onken

Delicious, tropical flavours. A healthy gluten free yoghurt is worth sharing as lots aren’t actually gluten free when you look into ingredients/manufacturing processes. However, Onken state clearly on their packaging ‘gluten free’ on the flavours that are.

Thanks for reading and make sure you check my blog tomorrow for my restuarant favourites! What are your December finds/favourite products? Please do share as I really enjoy trying new gluten free treats!

Hannah x


What do you think? Any recommendations or opinions of your own? Let me know!

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