Favourite Gluten Free Restaurants & Products #4

Favourite Gluten Free Restaurants & Products #4

Wow… time has just flown hasn’t it?! It’s already time for my favourite restaurants and products from January (surprisingly, mainly products this month)! Sorry for this being posted late, I have lots of valid reasons for doing so, but the whole point of this blog is for the FOOD. So are you ready? Enjoy!


The Fish Factory, Worthing

This place blows me away every time I go there! My nan lives in Worthing and I saw her last weekend, so we decided to book a table here as I really fancied gluten free fish and chips. I had a gluten free beer battered cod and chips – with a side of mushy peas to share and two cute mini bread rolls (freshly baked, they were still warm)! It was absolutely delicious and would definitely go if you’re Coeliac/eating a gluten free diet but also for anyone else too. They were fully aware of cross-contamination and offered a gluten free Estrella Daura Damm, which is always a bonus!

Click here to be taken to The Fish Factory’s AMAZING gluten free menu

Leon, Bankside (extensive range of locations across the UK)

It was my favourite fast food experience since being gluten free and the first trip I’ve made to Leon, it was absolutely delicious. I was really hungry as hadn’t eaten much all day and the Korean Chicken Burger didn’t JUST fill the gap! Along with a side of Leon baked fries, which are gluten free, dairy free and vegan – also crispy, soft and full of yummy flavoured seasoning. To add a gluten free bun as an alternative it was an extremely reasonable 85p! A must-go place for all Coeliacs everywhere.

Click here to be taken to Leon’s website 

Niche; Angel, London

FAVE RESTAURANT EVER. Been lots of times now with various people showing them how great the food is here, it really is! My friend and I decided to do it a bit differently on this trip by having a range of sides and starters instead of a starter and main sorta thing. NO regrets, it’s an indulgent place to go but due to it being 10/10 for all dietary requirements being catered for, you can have healthy meals too. We shared the cheddar & parmesan doughnuts, NFC fried chicken with garlic aioli, mac & cheese and onion rings. I also decided to treat myself and have a Daura Damnn gluten free beer (something I’m finding becoming increasingly more popular in restaurants)!

Click here for Niche’s website offering their outstanding menu/to book a table online!


Hoisin Duck Wrap, M&S

The infamous wrap every gluten free instagrammer is talking about! Found as part of M&S’ Made Without Wheat range, it’s full of flavour, yummy and different to others. Low calorie too for those wanting it for those reasons. The only downside to this beauty is the price marked at around £4-£5 – but so worth it.

Tesco Free From products

  1. Mozzarella sticks – oh my goodness, can you believe that these even exist for us with gluten and wheat intolerances. Really yummy, great consistency and also winner of the Free From Awards. They also only take 8 minutes to cook in the oven so perfectly combined with my ultimate favourite product in their range – the garlic dough balls.
  2. Katsu chicken curry – Yum, yum, yum. I bought this as soon as I saw is as I used to LOVE having the Katsu curry in Wagamama. I initially thought this was a ready meal and then I was wrong, well sort of. It was a great buy due to the taste but also the quality. Due to having to cook the gluten free breaded chicken in the oven for 20mins before popping the rice and sauce in the microwave for a few minutes, it felt like ‘more like cooking’ although was super simple.
  3. Chocolate eclairs – chocolate, cream, gluten free & milk free. What more can I say?

Find the Mozzarella Sticks here

Find the Chocolate Eclairs here

Find the Chicken Katsu Curry here

Tiger Artisan Bloomer, now known as Warburtons Gluten Free

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM is all I can say really. This is hands down the best, fresh gluten free bread I’ve eaten and I’ve tried quite a few now considering I’ve been diagnosed for nearly 3 years. Very excited to try even more of their new range as they’ve had a big brand re-vamp!

Find the bloomer here from Sainsbury’s online

Bonna Italia gluten free Margherita pizza by Schar 

Cheesey, tomatoey and not too crispy and not too soft. This is an easy lunch or dinner to pop in the freezer to have on those days where you just ‘need to’ :’) It’s also lactose free which is a bonus. You can never really beat Schar products! Who agrees? What products have you tried before? Which do you endeavour to try soon?

Sweet Chilli & Lemon baked pea snacks by Yushoi

72% green peas. My favourite healthy snack because it’s full of two delicious flavours you wouldn’t necessarily think of merging together. The Soy and Balsamic vinegar ones are great too but these are better in my opinion. Gluten free. No artificial colour, flavour or MSG. Suitable for vegans. Vegetarian Society approved. Perfect all round really!

Tesco own brand Cheese & Bacon Loaded Skins 

Was surprised that these were gluten free when I was in Tesco earlier this month. Why? Because the amount of silly restaurants that can’t provide potato skins gf due to cooking gluten-containing products in the same fryers is high! These were great and went really crispy when cooked in the oven. Who else has tried things in the Tesco range, or other supermarket own brand ranges, that were gluten free and worth a try?

Find the Schar pizza here from Sainsbury’s

Click here to be taken to Tesco for the Yushoi baked pea snacks 

Click here to be taken to Tesco for the potato skins

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x


What do you think? Any recommendations or opinions of your own? Let me know!

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