Gluten Free Guide to Sweden

Gluten Free Guide to Sweden

Hi all! Before I even begin, if you haven’t been to Sweden before – go! My boyfriend treated me to a magical trip to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland for three days and whilst I was there I managed to find so many gluten free treats. It was snowing all the time in a good way and looked just like a frosty fairytale. On one of the days we were fortunate enough to ride and nurture our very own team of huskies, as well as my actual dream coming true of seeing the mysterious, yet illuminating, Aurora Borealis (I’m literally still in awe from the whole day!).

Obviously, as a Coeliac, it’s useful to research into the gluten free options available before travelling, especially into those who tend to know a bit more about cross-contamination/have trusted reviews on TripAdvisor. Excited to try out one of the restaurants, we walked from our beautiful resort, Camp Ripan, down a snow-covered route to Landstroms Kok & Bar in the town centre. The restaurant itself had a lovely atmosphere and friendly staff, as well as being warm and cosy inside – essential for – 10 degrees! The menu is very impressive due to catering for so many dietary requirements in addition to gluten free, such as vegan, vegetarian and lactose. I tried the delicious halloumi burger served in a gluten free bun (on request), Landstroms dressing, Chipotle béarnaise, red onion, tomato, lettuce, pickled cucumber & homemade french fries. Yum!

Due to loving Landstroms so much on the first day, we ventured back there for our Valentine’s Day meal on our last evening. This time, my boyfriend and I ordered the same meal as each other and both thoroughly enjoyed it (again)! We had the rib-eye steak, corn on the cob, rocket, red wine gravy. This is how great they are with allergens… Before ordering I explained about being Coeliac, the waiter came back and explained that I couldn’t eat the chips as the chef cooked bread in the same fryer earlier that day therefore would have to offer fried potatoes as an alternative. I secretly liked this option more anyway as I’d already tried the chips the other day. They were also covered in a yummy, garlicky seasoning. Landstroms also offered gf bread with any starters or dishes where bread is involved, and a wide selection of drinks. Including a refreshing raspberry cider!

Controversially, on most occasions, breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day. However, I tend to really appreciate it whilst on holiday to get me started for the day. We got off to a great start on our first full day by missing our breakfast due to being unaware of times and being shattered from the travelling from the day before. But I rung the reception and explained. They were so helpful and made me a simple, yet very tasty, sandwich with ham, cheese and salad. ” Hooray! ” I thought to myself as this surely meant that for the future mornings they would have gluten free bread. And I was right…

Breakfast the next two mornings was what every gluten free intolerant person would need and more. The hotel allocated a dedicated area to all food gluten and lactose free including bread, milk, cereal and butter. They even had a variety of different milks like almond. But there were two other cool drinks features; the extensive and UNLIMITED, YES I SAID UNLIMITED, range of my favourite brand of tea, Teapigs. English Breakfast, Lemon and Ginger, Green and Earl Grey were just a few to name! Then there was the most unique, crazy method of self-serving drinks… An iPad connected to a tap somehow which dispenses drinks like cold water and lingonberry juice.

Both mornings I had thin strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato and gf bread, I made a mouth-watering sandwich with it all one of the days.. Mmmm. Followed by a variety of fresh fruit: pineapple, kiwi, melon and the freshest orange I’ve ever eaten!

Whilst in Kiruna, I also found organic gluten free pale ale in a local supermarket and my fave BEAR snacks. Yay! I also bizarrely met Joel Dommett in our resort as he was filming something exciting.. eek. What a lovely person, really down-to-earth and he was super jealous of me seeing the Northern Lights!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my yummy food adventures during my time away in Swedish Lapland.

You can find the website of where I stayed (Camp Ripan) here.

Simply drop me a comment or a message for further information on the food or excursions etc. Would also love to hear all about your food adventures if you have been to Sweden/other Northern European countries, or anywhere else for that matter!

Hannah x


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