Favourite Gluten Free Products & Restaurants #5

Favourite Gluten Free Products & Restaurants #5

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I did a bit of tweaking on my blog and now have new categories and sections to make it slightly easier to find things. Looking now to work more on homemade recipes to share with you all, so keep your eyes peeled!


Tesco Free From Chicken Kievs

I grew a slight obsession with kievs whilst studying at university because they were really simple to cook and you could pair them with almost anything! I made the easiest salad of mixed leaves and chopped cherry tomatoes. But, for example, you can always make homemade chips to go with it (I like to think mine are delicious as everyone that’s ever tried them is like OMG – so if you want the recipe then just drop a comment but they’re so simple to make). Garlic is always great (unless you’re following a low FODMAP diet I guess). Anyway, you wouldn’t even know these were gluten and wheat free. Crispy and garlicky goodness. Yum. 

Whole Creations Margherita Pizza

Really yummy! The ‘gluten free pizza market’ is becoming highly competitive recently and this is one for the race. Whole Creations have a wide range of pizzas on offer, some being fresh in the fridge section and some frozen. They also sell the most mouth-watering garlic bread ever, like a soft but crunchy baguette style. This pizza is not only free from gluten, but also hydrogenated fats, GMO and artificial colours/preservatives. 

Click here to buy it from Sainsbury’s online

T2 Tea (Strawberries & Cream)

I know this isn’t quite food BUT it is gluten free? I just had to share with you one of my favourite brands of tea. My other fave brand is Teapigs but this is my favourite loose leaf tea. My best friend gave me this beautiful and handy infuser teapot, along with some yummy Strawberries & Cream flavour tea. Full of flavour, good quality and not too sickly even if you drink a whole teapot! I’ve just read on the T2 website that they have some shops selling over 150 different varieties of tea… A haven for tea lovers certainly! An extra bonus when visiting a T2 shop is most definitely the free samples to try out. 

Click here to find the Strawberries & Cream T2 flavour online, or have a general browse for another flavour that might take your fancy!



Wahaca, Wimbledon (several branches around London) 

Wahaca has always been a firm favourite of mine, even before gluten free days. I absolutely love Mexican food and I think a lot of it is due to my love of cheese. I decided to go for the same thing I usually get because I’m boring like that sometimes. However, to my surprise, the Chicken Enchiladas had been changed since last time. No longer was it baked in a little oven dish, but completely different with layers of tortillas in a pool of tomatoey sauce and salad on top (the photo describes it a bit clearer than myself)! I was definitely pleasantly surprised as thought it wouldn’t taste anywhere near as nice but it was tasty and lighter than before. Meaning that I could fit in a side of Steak and Grilled Cheese Tacos too! Gluten intolerance is taken very seriously at Wahaca as their dedicated gluten free menu clearly states which items are suitable for milder intolerances  due to being cooked in the same oil (unfortunately the really yummy Sweet Potato Chunks aren’t suitable for Coeliacs). When your food arrives, make sure theres a little flag showing that it’s a gluten free dish!

Click here for a copy of Wahaca’s most recently updated gluten free menu!

Delfino Lounge; Poole, Dorset. 

We visited this AMAZING restaurant whilst visiting our friend for his birthday. I say amazing because they were so clued up on gluten free/Coeliac needs with a really great menu, as well as offering a vegan menu too. They had so much on offer such as a sharing tapas section where you could choose three different dishes for £10.95 such as Halloumi, Courgettes & Peppers and Smoked Paprika Pulled Chicken and Chorizo with Fried Potatoes. These were also served with gluten free bread. After much tricky deliberation, I decided to go for a GF Steak Roll with Marinated Bavette Steak, Fried Red Onions, Wild Rocket, Emmental and Garlic Butter, served with their House Slaw. You could add fries for £1.50 but seeing as we were having dinner later on, I thought it was filling enough. There are several lounges dotted around the UK so check their website for further info on more locations.

Click here for a peek of their wide range of menus and food

M&S Cafe; Colliers Wood, London (multiple branches across the UK)

DELICIOUS. Went here with my mum a few weeks back and was originally going to buy a Made Without Wheat sandwich from downstairs and bring it up to have with a hot chocolate or something. However, when I looked, they only had Ham and Cheese sandwiches available and I just didn’t fancy it. So I looked on their hot food menu and was swayed by this yummy Chicken, Mushroom and Rice soup served with a gluten free seeded roll. It was so tasty that my mum actually recreated it at home a few days later!


Thanks for reading my February favourites and feel free to ask any questions about any of the products/restaurants featured! 

Hannah (MyGlutenFreeLifeUK) x


What do you think? Any recommendations or opinions of your own? Let me know!

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