Gluten Free Product Review: Cheese Yummies

Gluten Free Product Review: Cheese Yummies

These ‘Cheese Yummies’ by Diel’s Food are little balls of naturally gluten free Brazilian bread! Made with only British cheese, milk and eggs too. They’re suitable for vegetarians, are ready in a simple 20 minutes (after an oven bake straight out of the freezer), and are free from preservatives and artificial flavours/colours.

They kindly sent me packet of each of their 3 flavours to try out and choose my favourite – I honestly cannot get over how yummy they all are… It’s made it extremely difficult to choose! All of the balls crisp up beautifully in the oven, I baked mine for the full 20 minutes at 180 degrees. When I bit into my first Cheese Yummie, I was in heaven. The flavours tried and tested are: Garlic and Herb, Cheddar and Jalepeño. They were all great in different ways.

I was far too excited about this delivery so decided to try a few dough balls of all three flavours straight away. This is what I thought of them:

Cheddar – Nice and simple, some flecks of crispy cheese on there once baked. Almost like the ‘ready salted’ version of crisps but in a good way. A REALLY good way.

Garlic & Herbs – These were my favourite! Full of flavour and for someone who loves garlic as much as me, you’ll probably say these were your favourite too.

Jalepeño – Who else loves jalepeños?! On an initial conversation with Diel’s Food, I actually expressed my interest for this flavour particularly. Still delicious (and not too spicy at all for those who worry about that) but the Garlic and Herbs ruled them all.

I also had a ponder over ways you could easily implement Cheese Yummies into lunches/dinners. Here are a few ideas but feel free to message me for more:

  1. Serve alongside a wholesome, chunky soup
  2. Cut in half (carefully!) and stuff with anything really.. I tried it earlier with simple fresh spinach and tomato (see photo below). But you could try Parma ham and spinach/cucumber, cucumber and cream cheese, sweet chilli chicken and tomato. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Make any pasta/pizza/risotto dish and serve with a few on the side/for a starter with a selection of dips such as salsa, garlic butter, even guacamole or pesto would be delicious!
  4. Cut in half again but open up and top using tomato puree and a tiny bit of cheddar/mozzarella (and other toppings) to create mini pizzas!

YUM is all I have left to say. I hope some of you decide to give these dough balls a go – especially due to not being on offer for us following a gluten free diet in this field.

Hannah x


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