Gluten Free Product Review: SNACT

Gluten Free Product Review: SNACT

I thought I would write a little post to you all today to enlighten you about these these gluten free goodies by SNACT. All of the fruity products made are gluten free, vegan, and have no added sugar, preservatives or additives

Who are SNACT? What’s it all about?

Not only are they absolutely delicious and 1 of your 5 a day, they’re all sustainable products made from surplus fruit in the UK to combat food waste. Admirably, they have a long-term goal of fighting food waste therefore switched to home compostable packaging recently too! 

I love the concept of eating something that would’ve probably been wasted but is perfectly good enough to make into fruit jerky/banana bars! Just like when my mother saves any bruised bananas for baking banana bread instead of chucking them in the bin (but on a massively bigger scale which makes more of a difference of course)! 


How Do The Products Taste?

SNACT kindly sent me some of their fruity products to try; some of their fruit jerky in Apple & Mango, Apple, Banana and Blueberry and Apple & Raspberry flavours, as well as three different flavours of their newer banana bars (I’ll tell you a bit more about those later). The bars came in three different flavours also; Apple & Cinnamon Kick, Beetroot & Cacao Blast and Carrot & Spice Boost.

The Apple & Raspberry fruit jerky was most definitely my favourite out of the lot. But that might just be because I love anything berry-flavoured… Don’t get me wrong, that’s not me saying the other jerkies aren’t yummy too! As for the banana bars, I usually tend to steer clear of ‘cinnamon things’, however, the Apple & Cinnamon bar was my favourite! 

If you’re considering eating more healthy snacks, want a sugar kick but a natural one or you just want to try something new, they’re ones not to be missed. I can’t rave about their whole mission statement enough and their aim to tackle such a vital issue!

For a little bit more on the products, campaign information and to buy them – the SNACT website can be found here. 

Are you going to be a Snactivist and join the #deliciousprotest?

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Hannah x


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