8 Reactions Most Coeliacs Can Relate To…

Who doesn’t love GIF’s? I find them hilarious and weirdly accurate/fitting – was browsing them recently and had a great idea to write a blog post with some reactions that I’ve personally experienced.

1. When you read a restaurant’s menu and see it’s accredited by Coeliac UK


2. Waking up in the morning knowing you must’ve been ‘glutened’


3. Looking at the ingredients list on an item you didn’t deem to be gluten free and not seeing any wheat, barley or rye


4. That awkward moment when somebody brings snacks that you cannot eat


5. When somebody asks what ‘Coeliac’, ‘cross-contamination’ or ‘gluten free’ even means…


6. Going round to your friend’s house for dinner and them being the cutest with checking all of the food ingredients and being super safe with cross-contamination (or not!)


7. When people act like ALL people who eat a gluten free diet are doing it for a ‘fad’


8. Finding something new – and super exciting -that’s gluten free (like the M&S Hoisin Duck wrap or naan breads)


Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did writing/creating this!

Hannah x


What do you think? Any recommendations or opinions of your own? Let me know!

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