Favourite Gluten Free Restaurants & Products #6

The time has come again to share with you all my favourites for the month of March! I’ve got an overload of products this month (even having to REALLY choose my best I had so many) so I’ll start with those first.


M&S’ Made Without Wheat British Chicken Goujons (Gluten and wheat free)

Just the best really! They’re so simple to cook – 15 minutes in a pre-heated oven and are pretty versatile with being able to make a wide range of dishes with them. They are a bit on the pricey end at £4 a pop (in most stores), however, worth it in my opinion as I only have a few at a time so manage to get multiple servings out of them and they’re able to be frozen too! So tasty, probably not the healthiest but they’re perfect as a treat or paired with healthier accompaniments (see photo below of avocado, cucumber and spinach with a few).

Cheese Yummies by Diel’s Food (Gluten free)

These little balls of cheesy goodness are honestly AMAZING. You can find them in three different delicious flavours; jalepeno, cheddar and garlic & herbs. My favourite ended up being the garlic & herb because it tasted most similar to garlic bread, and I LOVE garlic bread. I wrote a review about them not too long ago which is already quite detailed which you can find here. 

Tesco Free From Tagliatelle Pasta (Gluten, wheat, milk and egg free)

I was so excited when I spotted this in Tesco as I had only ever really tried gluten free fusilli or penne pasta before! My friend and I decided to make Carbonara and used some, it was soft and a very nice change from other average shaped pastas. Great for people following a gluten free diet too!

For more nutritional information or to find other Free From products in the Tesco range, go here.

Pago Premium Fruit Juice – Pineapple 

YUM. Reminds me of holidays and summer when I drink it. It’s refreshing and would be perfect in smoothies/cocktails or simply on it’s own. Read my recent review of it here.

Warburtons Gluten Free High Protein Wraps with Super Seeds (Gluten, milk and wheat free)

They don’t break apart like some other wraps, they’re also not too floury – more leaning towards that side of things but in a good way. I used them for fajitas and they were perfect to roll with and tasted great but you could also use them for normal every day wraps or I had an idea of using them for ‘pizzas’ too! You could even make garlic bread with them now I think about it… (yes I know, I’m obsessed!).

Fruit Jerky by SNACT (Gluten free and vegan)

These delicious little fruity bites are part of your 5 a day, contain no added sugar or preservatives and each pack saves one apple from going to waste. What more could you want from a healthy snack?! Read more information within my review of them here. 


Pizza Express (tonnes of locations around UK)

WOW… How have I not included Pizza Express within my monthly favourite restaurants yet?! It’s just fab for everyone, it’s accredited by Coeliac UK and they even sell gluten free Peroni and dough balls – with the most amazing garlic butter of them all. I ask for a garlic butter with my pizza wherever I go and can (who else does this?!) because it’s my favourite dip and I’m not quite sure the ingredients or secret recipe of this one, but it honestly beats them all! I always feel sad when going with people not following a gluten free diet though because I’m always given 4/5 dough balls, when they’re given double – no joke. I always make an excuse for smaller pizzas or situations like this by saying ‘oh it’s probably because gf stuff is more expensive in general’ BUT WHY. It’s not fair, although I’m extremely grateful I can even have the dough balls tbf. There must be quite a few of you out there that agree?! Let me know I’m not alone on this one.

I haven’t even started on the pizzas yet. They provide ENDLESS amounts of toppings and wonderful combinations on their yummy gluten free bases, like my favourite Pollo Ad Astra. Salads and pastas are also on offer.

You can find the Pizza Express menu here.

Miller & Carter Steakhouse, Worcester Park (multiple locations around UK)

I went here with my family for a Mother’s Day meal and we were all so pleased with the whole experience! They were super careful about cross-contamination, probably because my nan was so adamant on it all with the waitress and she reassured us that the chef would take extra caution. But then to my surprise, I found out it was also Coeliac UK accredited! We were slightly taken back by the lettuce wedge idea because nowhere else does anything like it, without exaggerating it’s probably a quarter of an iceberg lettuce in a bowl covered with a sauce/topping of your choice. I went for the garlic mayo and Parmesan which was very nice whilst we waited for our steak – this wasn’t a starter by the way, it’s included with the steak main.

The steak came and I was in heaven. Just look at it! A grain-fed steak (which also baffled me as to why it wasn’t grass-fed?!) with a porcini mushroom and black garlic sauce, garlic and herb crushed potatoes, a grilled tomato, a bit of garnish and then a yummy onion loaf bread. I had to double-check about the onion loaf because everyone else on my table had it on their plates too and they didn’t order gluten free food, the waiter then told me it was all cooked separately and it was their gluten free onion bread. Overall, a great experience and I would definitely go back and recommend it to all of you!

You can find the Miller & Carter menu here.

I hope my favourites for this month will give some inspiration or further guidance for some of you!

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What do you think? Any recommendations or opinions of your own? Let me know!

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