5 Ways to Use Warburtons Gluten Free Products

About Warburtons

Majority of people have heard of Warburtons as a brand, but Warburtons Gluten Free is a more recent lifesaver for all people with Coeliac Disease or who are following a gluten free diet. They’re most definitely gluten free savvy because they craft all goods in a dedicated gluten, wheat and milk free bakery. On top of this, the range is growing rapidly and absolutely delicious (I’ve tried most of it). What’s even better is that it’s all approved by Coeliac UK!

5 Ways to Use Warburtons Gluten Free Products

I was very kindly sent a range of Warburtons Gluten Free bakery goods (along with a notebook!) and therefore decided to dedicate this post to showing everyone how versatile they are. As well as expressing how soft, fresh and unreal they all taste!

HIGH PROTEIN SEEDED WRAPS (gluten, wheat and milk free)

Two different ideas using these High Protein Wraps with Super Seeds:

Number One – Sweet Chilli Chicken Salad Wrap

Delicious and easy lunch option! I am a bit weirdly obsessed with putting butter on bread products these days so I spread a little lurpak on the wrap before filling with anything (I think I have negative connotations attached to the earlier days of gluten free bread to be honest). Then put: fresh spinach leaves, mini cheddar cheese chunks, chopped tomatoes, sweet chilli chicken, a dash of lemon juice and cracked black pepper inside.

Serve with a packet of Lentil Chips by Eat Real Snacks and voila!

The super seeded wraps can be found here!

And you can find a big bag of the ‘crisps’ here.

Number Two – Fajitas

These are honestly the best wraps yet (in my opinion) for fajitas, they’re perfect! Not crumbly, definitely don’t break apart and even sorta flour-y – a good way, of course.

We made steak fajitas but you could serve your wraps with any fillings. Halloumi and grilled mixed vegetables with vegan cheese would be nice for people following vegan and vegetarian diets! I even made homemade salsa on-the-spot without any planning or experience. It had be pretty easy to make from scratch… right? I cannot explain HOW TASTY IT ENDED UP. My brother complimented it and used LOADS.

Just let me know if you’d like the homemade salsa recipe (comment below or contact me on any of my social media).


ARTISAN TIGER BLOOMER (gluten, wheat and milk free)

Number Three – Traditional Cheesy Beans with Bread

So this may not be everyone’s cup of tea or maybe you’ve never tried it before/think it’s weird?! Well, it’s super comforting and I literally hadn’t had it for years, until it popped into my head randomly the other day! I’d run out of butter this day so normally you’d see a little slither on top for extra tastiness. Of course, if you hadn’t already figured, you can dip the bread into the beans. YUM.

You can find the Tiger Artisan Bloomer here.

SANDWICH THINS (gluten, wheat and milk free)

Number Four – Mixed Assortment of Toppings/Sandwiches

These are super soft and delicious to start with! I had a totally ingenious idea of covering the two halves with different toppings.

First half: Chilli pesto (from Sainsbury’s – if you haven’t already tried it before, DO!), fresh spinach laves and a mixture of grated mozzarella and Red Leicester cheese.

Second half: Sacla pesto, ham and cucumber.

I’m sure you’re already thinking of some other mouth-watering combinations right now reading this!

Number Five – Pizza Triangles

Definitely saved my favourite til last. Easy peazy lemon squeazy honestly! The infamous chilli pesto saves the day again. Smother onto the thins. Followed by generously sprinkling mixed mozzarella and Red Leicester cheese on top. Grill for about 2-3 minutes. Voila!

If you’d like to try out this fool-proof thins recipe, they can be found here.

Thank you for reading! Hope you get some sort of inspiration for using your Warburtons Gluten Free bakery products from it. Let me know if you want any more information in the comments below, or contact me on social media (links below).

Hannah x



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