Product Review: Gluten Free Skinny Treat Box

Product Review: Gluten Free Skinny Treat Box

I haven’t written a product review in a little while so thought I’d inform you all of how incredible The Skinny Treat Box company is!

Who are they? What is it?

Treat boxes packed full of delicious, low-calorie snacks, either ordered on a one-off occasion or a subscription basis.

You can find a range of boxes available:

  1. Low-calorie
  2. Gluten free
  3. Naturally skinny
  4. Vegan

Obviously, I went for the gluten free option (containing lots of pre-picked gluten free goodies, some surprising ones too!). Their mission is to ensure snacking stays rewarding and positive, even when wanting to have ‘healthier’ options or on a restrictive diet. Each box contains a few positive affirmation cards with quotes on to give the customer a boost of motivation, which I thought was thoughtful and a nice extra touch.

For those needing to know the calories in each ingredient, or even whole box, they’re displayed clearly on a floral information card inside the box. As well as listing the Slimming World points to keep you on plan (see below).

What was in it and how did it taste?


Healthy bars 

Nakd Banana Bread – yummy, tasted so similar to the real thing (which I’ve found before with other Nakd bars, like the blueberry muffin one!). Gluten, wheat and dairy free, as well as being 100% vegan. 

Get Fruity Moist Mixed Berry – full of flavour and very fruity. Gluten and dairy free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Good. Full Stop. – haven’t tried this yet but looking forward to it!

Choccie treats

Prewett’s Chocoful Caramel – haven’t tried this yet either! But I assume it’ll be similar to a Twix bar, I could be SO wrong. We shall wait and see…Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. 

Cadbury’s Fudge – do I even need to say anything about this and the next?

Cadbury’s Curly Wurly – no!

Conscious Mint Chocolate – very minty, in a good way. The perfect size for me, as I’m not the BIGGEST fan of chocolate (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before).Organic, vegetarian and vegan – free from gluten, dairy and soya.

Metcalfe’s Dark Chocolate Popcorn Thins – YUM. So tasty. I’m a sucker for dark chocolate when I am in the mood for it. The combo with popcorn really does work well. Also only 81 calories!

Fruity snacks 

Nakd Orange Infused Raisins – 1 of your 5 a day, as well as 0% fat! Gluten and dairy free, suitable for vegans. 

Bear Nibbles Yo-yo Roll- Strawberry Flavour – again, 1 of your 5 a day! This is literally my favourite go-to snack because it’s simply fruit but tastes similar to a fruit winder, still with the taste – just a lot healthier.

Skittles Original – everybody loves skittles right? If you’ve never tried them, well, what are you waiting for?!

Mango & Strawberry Herbal Tea Bag – already a firm favourite of mine, this tea is extremely refreshing and makes a nice change from normal tea. Although, I have cut down on my intake of fruit teas due to high sugar content.

Where can I find them?

You can buy them from the Skinny Treat Box Website here. 

Their Facebook can also be found here.

Thank you for taking time to read this. I do hope you find a selection of new gluten free goodies to try out, or even better, you may feel like ordering yourself a subscription box to try it out for yourself!

Which would you be most excited to try out of this particular box? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hannah x


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