You Know You’re Gluten Free When…

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You know you’re gluten free when…

You hear someone say ”no worries, I’ll just pick up a meal deal from somewhere’ and a piece of you inside dies because the nearest M&S is ages away

You spend 5 hours looking for somewhere suitable for lunch

Every, single ingredient on every food and drink item has to be triple-checked (even gravy and ice cream)

People bring in cake or biscuits for their birthday at work

People have TONNES of delivery options on Deliveroo and you’re there sitting at your phone like…

A restaurant gives you a ‘special meal’ or ‘special treatment’ when they alter dishes, and it ends up being SO much tastier than the other options

You wake up in the morning looking way past your ‘due date’ and can’t figure out how

You have a secret stash of ‘safe snacks’ at work

Three of your most commonly used words/phrases are ‘cross-contamination’, ‘no, cheese doesn’t have gluten in it…’ and ‘it’s okay, I wasn’t hungry anyway’

You get SUPER excited when a new product hits the supermarket shelves (and even more excited to share it with your gluten free followers on Instagram)

You can’t wait for Christmas because life’s better when you can eat garlic & cheese stars from Tesco and mini chicken kievs from M&S

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