7 Of The Tastiest Gluten Free Pizzas Around

7 Of The Tastiest Gluten Free Pizzas Around

Pizza, it’s my favourite food item by far – versatile and delicious! Since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in May 2015, I have made it my life mission (however sad it may sound) to find a collection of the best gluten free pizzas. After many takeaway, restaurant and shop-bought, the time has finally come to share it with you all!

I hope this helps you realise just how many options there are out there in the gluten free world (obviously, there are more which could be part of this list but there’s only one of me!). If there are any you think HAVE to be on here, please do comment and share your pizza-wisdom 😉

1. The Stable, Whitechapel (Several Locations in UK)

Every single pizza can be made coeliac-safe due to preparation and cooking methods eliminating the risk of cross-contamination! They have a lunch deal on selected pizzas (£6.50) and sell a TONNE of various ciders too which have won numerous awards. The main reason for loving this pizza is the amount of cheese on top, as well as the slight variations in toppings (e.g. pictured below avocado and chilli on a Hawaiian).

2. Venice Bakery UK (Available Online)

Hands down the best quality pizza bases. They’re available in a range of sizes, as well as the brand selling flatbreads, tomato and basil sauce and pesto. I’m normally a BIG fan of toppings on pizza, but these are so tasty that a simple cheese and tomato is good enough! The main reason why I like these are the fact they’re not just gluten free, but nut free, dairy free, egg free, and pretty much free from everything! I’m a brand ambassador so you can use my code ‘GFLIFE20’ for 20% off at the checkout.

3. Ardiciocca (Fulham Broadway)

One of my best finds in 2018, this restaurant is 100% gluten free and is honestly incredible. They put so much effort into ensuring the pizzas are fresh, authentic and the best they could possibly be, as well as being an extremely close match to those found in Italy. Also very reasonably priced! The main reason for loving this place is the interesting combination of fresh-tasting ingredents and the insanely warm atmosphere/service created by the staff!

4. Dominos (Everywhere in the UK, pretty much)

So, I wasn’t going to feature this one… due to the fact you can only get a SMALL size gluten free pizza. But, it’s actually still pretty tasty and different to the others. The Sizzler with tandoori chicken, jalepenos, pepperoni and more is my fave. Along with the cheese nachos which are also gluten free. I’ve seen a few people being ‘glutened’ but as long as you call up and ensure the staff are aware of your needs and all should be fine (I’ve always been okay and I’m pretty damn sensitive to gluten)! The main reason for loving this one is the indulgent taste and the fact it’s Coeliac UK accredited. 

5. Schar (Available in Major Supermarkets) 

The first gluten free pizza I ever tried, and still to this day, one of the best. Insanely tasty supermarket one here! It’s voted the no 1 in the world and you can see why! Keeping it simple with margherita, you can really tell whether it’s good when it has minimal toppings, and this is one of the only ones I don’t add ANYTHING to. The main reason why I love this is because I haven’t found a supermarket pizza which tops it, since being diagnosed! 

6. Pizza Express (Several Around the UK)

Reliable, Coeliac UK accredited and most of the menu being gluten free, or easily adaptable to cater! Pizza Express is a classic in every way. If ever in doubt, I always choose here. My favourite toppings are Pollo Ad Astra, Carbonara (without the egg – it baffles me on pizza and I don’t know why) and Le Reine (without the olives and swapped for pepperdew peppers). The main reason for loving this one is the fact all of the food is freshly made, you can order loads of sides/starters and the amount of special offers available all the time. 


7. Firezza (Dine-In Restaurants and Delivery Around London)

They say to save the best til last, and I believe I’ve done just that! Anyone who knows me well, will know that Firezza is literally my favourite pizza in the world. The gluten free base is SO fresh, unlike any other and it’s premium standard. I tend to create my own most of the time, choosing porcini mushrooms, pancetta and sweet red peppers! Rather pricey for a delivery, due to paying extra for a gf base, BUT honestly worth it. The main reason I love this place is the versatility and convenience of getting a restaurant-quality pizza delivered straight to your doorstep! 


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What are YOUR favourite gluten free pizzas? Comment! 

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